What games did you enjoy last week?

Rachel Watts had a great time with Minecraft Dungeons, an engaging action game with mysterious sounds the first night in a hole in the ground to the music of outside zombies. A gust of wind, scary skeletons, and cryptic vines appear to be items that the characters in this game have exposed for hours. People are just trying to make use of everything to stay alive.

Harry Shepherd has also joined the world of Minecraft Dungeon and feels sorry for the adorable pigs and sheep that he killed and committed looting. In this game, it’s not too unfair. In fantasy games, giant spiders are often chosen as monsters, and their food is often the adorable animals, including us.

Morgan Park enjoyed the days of the week with Crucible. It is a free adventure shooter game with a vast map and lots of challenging modes. In this game, the characters own too many accents which make the performance less and fight longer. However, it also provides an enjoyable playing experience.

Andy Kelly enjoyed the Routine game. It is a horror game with being stuck in a daily loop so awful and terrible. Each round will bring many strange, quirky things with the loud sound crept around the area. It makes the game feel compelling and dramatic.

What game did I play?

And I couldn’t resist the temptation of hunger with exciting i.o games . One of the games I spent all week mastering is Slither.io. Slither.io is considered a classic game that everyone plays once in their lifetime, and I’m no exception.

It is a straightforward, intuitive game, but its design and gameplay will make you unable to take your eyes off. That’s the world of colorful particles and snakes of all sizes. You will also have the opportunity to observe all snakes participating in a real-world of survival where it must search for food for itself and become larger so as not to be attacked by other snakes. Kill smaller snakes and try to eat as many light particles as possible.

You will enter the world of this game like a small snake with all the color options you like. Your task is to slide around to eat the glowing balls and grow longer. When you’re long enough, you can eat other snakes and become the best snake ever. An exciting feature of this game is that it has a leaderboard that helps you observe your position and see who is leading.

You can also learn how to surround and find suitable strategies to attack and kill other snakes as quickly as possible. It increases the excitement of playing and makes you unable to escape the world of this game.


It is what we went through last week. How about you? Have you ever entered the world of io games such as Mope.io or Defly.io? Tell us about your experience.