vex 3 hacked unblocked

1. About vex 3 hacked unblocked game

Vex 3 hacked unblocked is an interesting adventure game, the third part of this very popular series game.  The game is made by Amazing Adam and released in August 2014.


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This is a quick paced and arcade style game that you shouldn’t ignore if be a fan of adventure games. In this game, your mission only is to run, jump, slide, and swim while avoiding traps and pass all the very difficult terrains in the game. You will have to pass 10 levels and face a lot of challenges such as flying darts, incredibly fast spinning saw blades, the row of thorns, etc… When you touch them, you will lose the game. Moreover, the further you advance, the more difficult challenges you have to face. But don’t worry! You also can restart the game at the levels that you have just passed because this game has a lot of checkpoints. This makes you don’t be disappointed if lose the game.

Generally saying, although vex3 hacked unblocked is not a game with the excellent graphics, it still can attract the player by its challenges and speed of gameplay.Besides that, the delightfully dynamic designs and the continually changing amusement scene also are the other attractive points of the game. They drive the player forward to continue playing.

The basic controls of this game just are up, down, left, and right and you also can use the buttons W-A-S-D if playing the game on laptop or PC.

2. Some tips and tricks for you when playing vex 3 hacked unblocked

  • The violet blocks are so weak, so, don’t step on them unless you want to be fallen down.
  • To jump super high into the air, the orange blocks are the best recommendation for you.
  • To pass some checkpoints, sometimes you have to use the wooden boxes as the platform to jump higher.
  • Finally, you also can pause, resume, restart the game; turn on or of the sound by clicking the button on the right of the screen.






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