Guide for Beginners: Far Cry 4 PC Mods

If you take a look at the Nexusmods, you are able to realize that Far Cry 4 PC mods have started to be seen, and one named NaMODste provide a few small but useful and noticeable changes, some of these changes are intended to make things easier and some others are built purposely to add more difficulties. Curious? Enter keyword “Far Cry 4 Nexus” to search for more information, or all you need to do is read this article.

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What we should consider first in Far Cry 4 PC mods, is the controls. The controls of the game are given a few superior changes. Still, after long hours playing the game, I recognize that the attached nature of the weapon and syringe wheels a little weird, constantly having to open the first to reach the second. NaMODste perfectly lets you approach them independently.

Rapidly hit the reload key (usually the “R” key) to refill the bullets for your weapon, and pressing down R to open the weapon wheel. At the same time, tapping heal key inserts you with a healing syringe and pressing the heal key shows up the syringe crafting wheel. It is good to have both wheels separate from one another, as well as attached to reload key and heal key you have already used often.

Using keys while playing

Shifting from regular arrows to fiery or burning and covered in flames arrows are now able to be completed by rapidly hitting the Y key, which will give a cycle over them, in the time the tool of repairing (which is not usually be used) only be seen when you press the Y key. Comparing to selecting R or E and pressing Q, this sounds much better to change arrows which for most players never ever came to be a conventional mechanical action (despite you still be able to use the initial way if you like). This is an important thing in far cry 4 pc mods and far cry 4 nexus.

Noticeable tweaks

In order to make the game a little more difficult, several noticeable tweaks are available in Far Cry 4 PC Mods. The first thing that will catch your attention when you begin to gain control of outposts is that you are unable to see the sketch of enemies, even the tagged enemies, through the walls. In case you have enabled tagging, you still can see the tags.

However, the sketch of the rivals themselves no longer exists. Doubtfully, hardcore gamers may soon turn off the weapon tagging and the mini-map. As a result, this support carries even more of an obstacle to outposts. Objective markers are also removed from the HUB by the mod.

To talk about weapons, things become a little strict and difficult, too. On Easy mode, the costs of weapons will not change. However, in case you play the game on the Normal mod, the weapon costs are doubled and playing on the Hard mod, the costs are triple. This means some signature weapons are up to over a million Kyrax bucks. It is usually believed that money is mostly useless, so this obviously dispatches that somehow.

In addition, you will not be able to take free guns out of the deal when you achieve Kyrat’s radio towers. Instead, there are two ways to get guns: collect them from dead bodies or spend some money to buy them. These changes might also appear in Far Cry 4 Nexus.

Last but not least, in far cry 4 pc mods, the mod clears up some mess from the map. Unexplored locations are marked with question marks, but as soon as you officially find a place, its icon stops showing on your map. This keeps the map from looking a frightful jumble. The places still technological remain on the map, while the pins are covered, and slowly moving the mouse over the map will help pop-up the description.

According to the plan, more changes are on their way. On the mod pad, an image makes clear what seems to be a change to weapon attachment alternatives, perhaps let you select more attachments that only the basic ones. This change will absolutely be expected. Far Cry 4 Nexus mods for PC are not available yet.



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