Games Like Bullet Force

Bullet Force is Action-Adventure, Shooter and Multiplayer video game developed by Lucas Wild. This Military-based game is now available on Android and iOS. You will be a bold and heroic soldier in the game, set up with different types of weapons. The main goal given to the players is taking down enemies as well as collect points to progress. For those players who are in love with FPS games, Bullet Force delivers fast-paced and action-packed gameplay. The gamers take part in numerous battles, fighting against each other by emblematic weapons.

There are about twenty weapons in the game from AK-47, M200, Vector, FAMAS, AUG, M4A1 to 870 MCS and AS VAL. In addition, there are also around thirty camouflages ready to be used in the game. Offering two various modes like Skirmish and Campaign, Bullet Force with high-quality graphic is definitely one of the best games for you to play. However, playing one game day by day may get you bored. If you are about to have that feeling, have a look at this 5 games like Bullet Force list.

1. Point Blank: Strike

Among 5 games like Bullet Force, firstly we should think of Point Blank: Strike. This Single-player and Multiplayer video game written by Nexon Company and it is available on both iOS and Android. Playing this game, you will have a chance to participate in the legendary battles in real-time and at the same time demonstrate your shooting skills by reaching the game’s goals. The game happens in a devastating atmosphere and primarily localize on battle matches of 4 vs.4. Point Blank: Strike assembles all the required factors to be an enjoyable mobile FPS. It offers classical maps with a limit of eight players. You can pick out your favourite modes in considerable modes of the game and spend your time discovery it.

‘We suggest that you should try such modes like Team Deathmatch, Demolition or Emblem. Need to familiar with controls and master your skills? Then train alone or in a team. Given that you have a good internet connection, matchmaking will be fast and easy. For each new match, you will have to wait no longer than 30 seconds.

2. James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal yet released by Gameloft, James Cameron’s Avatar: The game is a third-person shooter and we think this game is deserved to be on the list of 5 games like Bullet Force. The game recurs Michelle Rodriguez, Stephen Lang, Sigourney Weaver from the same name movie in the time of the year 2152. The main business of the combatants is to save the five Marines from Viper wolves. One interesting thing about the game is that when you first start the game, you are free to pick out the outlook of the characters. In addition, you are also able to choose your side, Na’vis or RDA. Depends on the side you pick, you will experience different gameplay, skill set, weapons and the environment as well.

3. WW2 Online

One of games like Bullet Force list WW2 Online. This is a first-person shooter video game made by Cornered Rat Software and released by Strategy First. The game is nothing different from a virtual battlefield of World War II time which took place from 1940 to 1943. The player will be in the role of the commander so he is able to handle aircraft, anti-tank weapons, armored transportations all in order to destroy the enemies. To take part in the battle, you have to select between Allied faction (French, British, and the US forces) and German faction. One of the outstanding strength of this game is the gameplay. On an endless map, you are able to drive or fly and sometimes encounter everyone playing the game. Do teamwork to protect locations, keep bridges safe, smash up enemy basements and so on to win. There is no music but the noise and sound are realistic.

4. Unreal Tournament 3 Black

A typical game that we should mention in the topic “games like Bullet Force” is Unreal Tournament 3 Black. This game is available on Microsoft Windows after developed and published by Epic Games, Inc. With a dreadful atmosphere, the game brings to players upgraded features and new content such as new environments, Singer Turret weapon. Actually, UT3B is a mixture of old-school and enlightened factors.

The most dynamic element is the vehicles, especially in warfare mode. Otherwise, when you do not use any vehicles, the gameplay extremely smooth.

5. Sven Co-op

Last but not least in the list of 5 games like Bullet Force, we would like to introduce the first-person shooter Sven Co-op. This game is a Co-operative mod for the Half-Life. To be more understandable, it is Half-Life in multiplayer mode. You cannot expect aggressive gameplay or fantasy stuff since the developers built this game for players who just simply want to enjoy the game with their friends. The ammo is shareable between team members and you can also support them in action to fight, to run away or to hide. Healing team buddies are also a noticeable feature.

The good news is Sven Co-op is now available as an independent game on Steam. So spend your time experience it. With some similar elements, Sven Co-op can be counted in 5 games like Bullet Force.


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