Top five best Arcade Games that you must try at least for once in your life

‘Arcade Game’ is the term used to describe the genre of game with the key factors of the games in the coin-operated entertainment machines installed at entertaining public areas. Alongside the growth of the digital era, Arcade Games step-by-step define themselves as the irreplaceable parts of the modern gaming world. Hereunder are our top five best Arcade Games that we cannot love it more. Find them out now!

Mario Bros

Described as the legend of all Arcade Games, Mario Bros has always been a hit ever since it was released in 1983 by Nintendo. The success of Mario Bros can beat any other legendary games of Nintendo.

In the game world of Mario Bros, the player will take the role of a plumber whose name is Mario. Mario, alongside with his brother Luigi, has to defeat the evil creatures coming from the sewer. The objective of Mario Bros has the characters defeating the enemies in each phase.

Donkey Kong

Are you an adventurer? If you are, then this video game Donkey Kong is just right for you.

Developed by Shigeru Miyamoto in the 1980s, Donkey Kong had made unbelievable success in-game history with millions of copies sold around the world. The game features the adventure of a gorilla whose name is Donkey Kong.

The adventure of Donkey Kong includes several challenges with multiple barriers. To surpass all the levels of Donkey Kong, the player will have to learn sort of special skills developed while playing the game.

Rapunzel Tower

The third game in our list, Rapunzel Tower, is a game sets in the fairy tale world. In this video game, the player will play the prince who saved Rapunzel in the original story.

The game has the prince making such high jumps in order to reach the balcony where his love is waiting for him. Rapunzel Tower becomes incredibly challenging as the deadly creatures in the game start to appear. Are you ready to save your beautiful princess?

Stickman Hook

In this Stickman video game, Stickman Hook, you will happen to work with the most flexible strings ever in the world! Each level of Stickman Hook does not take that long for a player to make his way to surpass.

However, a second of neglecting can cause catastrophe to any player’s gaming experience in Stickman Hook. Be cool, but don’t lose the tight for so long or you will not be able to meet the greatest rewards of this video game!

Fireboy And Watergirl

None of the Internet gamers these days don’t know about Fireboy And Watergirl , another legendary franchise that can stand next to Mario Bros when we pick the top five best Arcade Games. This game is found on many websites, is an example.

Following the concept of the Earth’s basic elements, which are water and fire, Fireboy And Watergirl have been drawing a great amount of attention across the globe with the release of numbers of expansion games.

Developed by Oslo Albert, Fireboy And Watergirl serve amazing turn-based gameplay. In this game, the player will take the role of both Fireboy and Watergirl, who are struggling to finish their adventures through the mysterious phases.

The further the player advance in Fireboy And Watergirl, the more interesting challenges appear. As the player finds methods to deal with the challenges he is facing, he will also gather himself various skills that are useful for many other video games.

To sum up

What do you think about our picks? Let’s start with Fireboy And Watergirl, for example, and continue with the other games in the list below to see if they can meet your expectation or not!