Walkthrough and tips: A Lost Cause Dragon’s Dogma quest

A Lost Cause Dragon’s Dogma quest is an easy and simple quest of this action role-playing video game. What we have to do in this quest is to obtain a Snakeskin Purse. After completing the quest, you will be rewarded a Golden Bastard, 10,000 gold, and 5,000 experience points. You are able to activate the quest in Gran Soran and get the quest done almost instantly, given of knowing where to search for the Snake Purse.

In case you do not know the locations of the Purse, it seems to be very tough to catch sight of it. To start the quest A Lost Cause, pay a visit to Arsmith’s Alehouse which located in Gran Soren, then check the notice board. For more quest walkthrough and tips, read this article.

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A Lost Cause Dragon’s Dogma quest walkthrough

The first thing I want to talk about in “a lost cause dragon’s dogma” is Snakeskin Purse. Snakeskin Purse is generated in incidental places on the sides of the river. Snakeskin Purses are said to be uncommon items, despite the notice board advert guides that the purse can be found near areas that have water (such as a river), the exact spot is not provided. To finish it first of all we should inspect the riverside at the north of Gran Soran and at the east of Old Garrison. On the rocks, after wiping out the Saurians, we should search for a fish pool and in case we are fortuitous enough, we will be able to lay hands on the purse.

If you haven’t found the item here, pass over the nearby big bridge, then go inside Deos Hills, keep on searching.

As soon as we arrive at Deos Hills, we remain to head the west alongside the river. Assuming that we open the map, we will recognize that the river twists to the south and it builds a curve, which divides Cursewood and eastern Gransys. Also, we are able to pay attention to the road that passes over the river, and to the right is a construction seems to be alike an eye-lash. Not far from this particular area, on the river shores and to the right is a neighborhood clogged with Sulfur Saurians. Decimate these creatures, then go discover the river and search for another locale where fish gather. We should absolutely find the Snakeskin Purse inside a chest here. After we collect it, we should go back to Gran Soren and hand it to the quest-giver.

Some other important locations in a lost cause dragon’s dogma where you can find the purse: The healing spring next to the blighted manse rear entrance; The log atop the waterfall before the abbey.

A Lost Cause Dragon’s Dogma quest tips

The pawns (supportive pawns and main pawns) can be the ones who grab you the Snakeskin Purse. In addition, they are also essential when you combat with Saurians so remember to switch out strong pawns to be safe and save time for you.

Do not forget to save the game often to make sure that all the process you have gone through is preserved. Besides, always remember to carry with you the strong healing items. In Dragon’s Dogma when you receive more damage, your entire health will gradually decrease and ask for healing items to recovered. You can also use healing spells, for sure, but they just support you to regain a small portion.

Since the Snakeskin Purse can be used in crafting, we highly recommend you to copy it. The cost to have a copy at The Black Cat is around 16 thousand gold.

The reward of A Lost Cause Dragon’s Dogma Quest is a Golden Bastard. This weapon is a sword which costs up to 347 thousand gold and values up to 97 thousand gold. You can sell this item to gain gold.


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