Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Generations

Samuel Otero is the creator of the Android/Flash game Pokémon Tower Defense released in March 2011. This game is based on the Pokémon franchiseand it was a surprise smash-hit, blending gotta-catch-em-all RPG elements with surprisingly complex and strategic tower-defense gameplay.

Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Generations has arrived, bringing with it a whole host of new features. Play as a boy or a girl as you manually explore the world, traveling to become a Pokémon Master and solve the mystery of the strange Shadow Pokémon in the process.

1. Gameplay:

You will start this game as a boy or a girl as you manually explore the world, traveling to become a Pokémon Master and solve the mystery of the strange Shadow Pokémon in the process. Do remember that in order to play and save your game progress, you will need to register a free account, but since the e-mail address is only required for trading and such, feel free to put in whatever email address that you have in mind.

In a standard versus Pokémon battle, just simply drag your preferred Pocket Monster from the bottom of the screen to an empty orange square and they’ll automatically attack any monster in range. To set a tactics, just Click on them, or on the name of one of their abilities to force them using that instead.

Defensive battles are handled the same way, except you’ll be trying to keep your opponents from escaping or reaching something on the screen. As your Pokémon level up, they will learn new abilities and even evolve. Since experience points is the key to upgrade your Pokémon level, remember to use your Pokémon more frequently and wisely.

Capturing Pokémon is a bit different. When walking around the city, you can see and attack any Pokémon that appears on the field. Once you touch them, the battle will either play out one on one, or almost like a Defensive one. You have to try your best to take the Pokémon down as soon as you could, because once a Pokémon leaves the screen it won’t be coming back.

To capture a Pokémon, its health needs to be in the red color. Click on your backpack and then select your Pokeball, drag the Pokeball icon onto the screen, and if it opens around the Pokémon you hover it over, you can catch it! Different Pokémon will be available depending on the time of day, and you may need certain conditions met to catch them.

2. Control mechanism:

  • Use [WASD] or the [arrow] keys to move, [Z] or [spacebar] to interact.
  • Use the button at the top of the screen to save your game.
  • You could have 06 Pokémon in your team.
  • In the corner of your game is your Pokepad.

3. Things about Pokémon Center:

  • The Pokémon Center is a place for you to perform trading, breeding, it’s where you pick up your mystery gift and there is even a casino inside too!
  • By having a lot of coins will let you buy shiny and shadow Pokémon.
  • If you get shadow and shiny Pokémon, you’ll get points that you can use to buy legendaries.
  • You can also put Pokémon up for trade.

Summary/ Verdict:

Pokémon Tower Defense 2 is quite simply a master class in how originality can flourish in the tower defense genre. There is a huge range of Pokémon that waiting for you to capture as well as the frequent updates means that the stabilization of the game is guarantee, will be less laggy, and the 8-bit graphics and chiptune music give the whole game a stylish dimension that very few titles have these days.

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